Update a supplier's quantity

When using the Buy API - all eligible suppliers are able to deliver 100% of the completes in a survey. In order to disable a specific supplier, you may use this api endpoint and update the required_quantity to 0.


PATCH $apihost/$basepath/surveys/:surveyId/suppliers/:supplierId

($apihost is the environment against which you are testing, and $basepath is the base path with the api version. All Buy API calls will require access-token parameter in the header) 


	[ { "op": "replace", "path": "/required_quantity", "value": 0} ]


Response Code


Response Body

      "result": {
        "survey_id": 123,
        "supplier_id": 39,
        "offer_price": 3.25,
        "required_quantity": 0,
		"fielded_quantity": 0