Create Survey Group - Exclude respondents from other surveys

For a survey id 217, I want to prevent respondents how have participated in survey 214, 215, and 216 from entering this survey. This is done by creating a private survey group for 217 and adding 214, 215, and 216. Since this is a private survey group, surveys 214, 215, and 216 will not be affected. A respondent who participated in 215 will not be prevented from participating in 216. This group is applicable only for respondents trying to enter 217.


POST $apihost/$basepath/surveygroups

($apihost is the environment against which you are testing, and $basepath is the base path with the api version. All Buy API calls will require access-token parameter in the header) 


{ "buyer_surveygroup_ref": "my_group1", "name": "My First Group", "surveys_in_group": [3437,3438,3439] }


NOTE: The value you assign to "buyer_surveygroup_ref" must be globally unique within our system. Consider adding "-[YOUR COMPANY NAME]" to the end of your desired value to ensure this.


Response Code


Response Body