PureSpectrum Buyer APIGet survey performance

Get survey performance

Get the performance details of a survey. 


GET $apihost/$basepath/surveys/7654/performance

($apihost is the environment against which you are testing, and $basepath is the base path with the api version. All Buy API calls will require access-token parameter in the header) 


Response Code


Response Body

{ "ps_survey_status": 22, "completes_goal": 600, "completes_fielded": 400, "cpi_forecast_at_launch": 3.5, "current_cpi": 6.4, "projected_cpi": 5.2, "total_cost_forecast_at_launch": 2100, "current_cost": 2560, "projected_total_cost": 3120, "stated_loi": 20, "current_overall_loi": 30, "last_block_loi": 25, "stated_incidence": 25, "last_block_incidence": 50, "current_overall_incidence": 40 "survey_launch_ts": 1693301101876, "survey_close_ts": 1693301702054, "survey_launch_iso_date": "2023-08-29T09:25:01.876Z", "survey_close_iso_date": "2023-08-29T09:35:02.054Z" }

Recently added the following new field

"survey_launch_ts": 1693301101876, "survey_close_ts": 1693301702054, "survey_launch_iso_date": "2023-08-29T09:25:01.876Z", "survey_close_iso_date": "2023-08-29T09:35:02.054Z"

survey_launch_ts and survey_close_ts have the same value than survey_launch_iso_date and survey_close_iso_date in timestamp