Remove Single or Multiple Survey Group to a Project

Apply the Survey group to an existing project. Use the Edit survey API explained here and add the parameter below to the payload:

"buyer_surveygroup_ref": "", "buyer_surveygroup_refs": [], "survey_grouping": [],

Request (PUT)

PUT $apihost/$basepath/surveys/5000/

($apihost is the environment against which you are testing, and $basepath is the base path with the api version. All Buy API calls will require access-token parameter in the header) 



{ "live_url": "", "test_url": "", "survey_title": "QBP API child2", "survey_category_code": 231, "survey_localization": "en_US", "completes_required": 100, "expected_ir": 10, "expected_loi": 10, "offer_price": 10, "field_time": 99, "buyer_surveygroup_ref": "", "buyer_surveygroup_refs": [], "survey_grouping": [] }


Response Code


Response Body

{ "ps_api_response_code": 1000, "ps_api_response_message": "Purespectrum Custom API Response Message" }